JourneyDance Personal Empowerment Retreat
 JourneyDance™ Personal Retreat

 Enjoy this Personal Retreat at your own pace, JourneyDance™ activities will be available to you in the morning and again in the evening, you can choose how much you want to do or not do... this week is all about you.

Take the break you deserve from your busy life and Rest, Reconnect & Renew yourself while experiencing all the beauty Mar de Jade, Mexico has to offer! Lush nature, beautiful water, a tropical sanctuary, and beautiful dance spaces await you!
Join us April 6 - 12, 2019 at Mar de Jade in Mexico
Welcome, beautiful dancer! I'm Toni Bergins, creator of JourneyDance™.
I've been teaching in the transformational dance world for over 20 years and have witnessed and experienced the power and incredible healing potential of JourneyDance™ - the power of empowerment, embodiment, and manifestation. The power of self-esteem, self-ownership, reclaiming one's path. The power of healing trauma and old wounds. I've seen the power of celebration and heart-opening connection. I've experienced the power of sensual awakening and intuitive awakening.
Why should you join us for the JourneyDance Personal Retreat?
You are a seeker, a mover, a lover of movement
You want relief from your mind's messy thinking
You want to activate your personal power
You want to turn on your sensual expression
You want to open your voice and share it with others
You love JourneyDance, when you experience it you are wowed!
You've opened up to something inside and are curious what more could be discovered
You're hungry for connection and community with a tribe
You're ready to go deeper
Michelle Brass
My beloved JourneyDancers thank you so much for your love, support and connection. I feel at home with you and in a place where I truly belong.
This retreat will sell out, and there are limited spaces. This is a big commitment to yourself. If you are thinking about it, now is the time to go deeper in this sacred space...
Room Options and Payment Plans
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Private Room
Private room accomodations with ocean or garden view. 

7 day / 6 Nights Private Room Retreat
$2450.00 USD or

3 payments of $612.50 USD.
Dorm Room
Dorm room accomodations. Large rooms with 3 - 4 beds for dorm style rooming with other JourneyDancers.

7 day / 6 Nights Double Room Retreat
$1900.00 USD.

Double Room
Double room accomodations with jungle or garden view. 

7 day / 6 Nights Double Room Retreat
$2170.00 USD.

JourneyDance Staff
JourneyDance Founder
JourneyDance Trainer
JourneyDance Trainer
JourneyDance Industry Leaders
Discover what a few of our facilitators have to say about JourneyDance
"“JourneyDance opened my heart, and showed me that vulnerability is sweet and an important part of living life with full potential and possibilities. Expressing fully from my heart has enriched my life beyond words.”"
"Thank you for seeing me! You provided a safe space for me to find myself again, to love myself, and to bring clarity to my future. This week helped me find my strength again, and reminded me to take care of myself first, nourish my body and heart. I met so many incredible too! I am reminded to feel deeply, be connected in real time and will continue my work teaching others. "
The clock is ticking!

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